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The characteristic feature of Pridnestrovie is its multiculturalism. The Russian, Moldovan, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Belarusian German, Armenian and Jewish cultures are functioning in the Republic. Successful work and develop national cultural traditions - unions of Russian communities of Pridnestrovie, Ukrainians and Moldovans PMR.

Actively work professional creative groups such as the State Ensemble of folk music and dance "Viorica", State Circus, State Symphony Orchestra, Drama theatre and comedy named by Aroneckaya. The Republican picture gallery is productively functioning.

Such creative associations as the union of designers, the Union of Artists, the Union of Journalists, the Union of writers, represent their creativity in the near and far abroad, thus contributing to the formation of the image of the PMR.

Traditional Republican holidays are held in Pridnestrovie: Republic Day, International Festival of Arts "Martishor", Days of Slavic writing and culture, pop song Contest "Voices of Pridnestrovie ", art-publicist Program "Man of the Year", contests-watching choreographic, theatrical, choral, circus groups, etc. Every year numerous festivals, contests, shows, concerts and themed evenings are held in the Republic.

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